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LSA: Why are we waiting?

I have blogged previously about CBRS, and it’s safe to say that we’re big fans of the model here at ip.access. But what of its European counterpart, Licensed Shared Access (LSA)? ETSI has recently published the stage three specification, with the details of the protocols for the operation of LSA in the 2.3GHz band. Although the specification differs from CBRS in some technical details, and lacks a General Access layer for ad-hoc use, the principle of LSA is very similar. This publication completes the set of specifications that vendors need to get going – so good news right? Unfortunately, it...


Shared Spectrum Makes Everyone a Mobile Operator (and that’s a good thing)

It’s been a busy week for CBRS.  Hot on the heels of a note from our respected competitor Spidercloud, Brocade also promotes their CBRS plans. The world of spectrum licensing is evolving fast. Well, fast compared to the normally glacial pace of regulatory change.  The shared spectrum model the FCC has embraced for CBRS is the most advanced of several current models, including Licensed Shared Access (LSA) in Europe, and TV-Whitespace globally. From a certain angle, in a bright light, with your eyes screwed up tight, you can see CBRS’ lineage back to the shared access model that emerged in...