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RCR Wireless webinar: Scalability, ROI and the business case for small cells

I was recently given the opportunity to take part in a webinar hosted by RCR Wireless to discuss the future of small cells. The industry finds itself at an interesting juncture and it was great to be joined by Iain Gillott, President of iGR, and Dave Mayo, SVP Technology at T-Mobile US, to debate the current commercial status of small cell technology. Here at ip.access we are firmly of the belief that the telecoms industry needs to embrace innovative new business models if we are to realise the full benefit of small cell technology in current and future networks. At...


ip.access to provide mobile coverage on the Moon by 2019

Innovative technology has been implemented in the International Space Station for testing to begin. In less than four years’ time, man will be able to make and receive personal phone calls between the Moon and Earth. Announced today, ip.access has developed small cell technology that will allow space travellers to communicate to Earth simply by using their mobile phones. In a new project that appeals to both commercial companies and space organisations that are actively looking at space tourism as the next frontier for the leisure industry, the solution is set to be fully operational for the 50th anniversary of...


LTE dreams of Spectrum, Wi-Fi dreams of Voice, while users dream of Good Service

Having seen explosive growth over the past five years, Wi-Fi has completely changed the way we communicate and consume data, and cemented itself firmly into our daily lives. Many users can’t wait to switch from mobile internet to Wi-Fi to save their precious monthly data allowance. What’s more, Wi-Fi is growing quickly in the carrier market, with spending rising at a fast pace. An IGR study released in October 2014, forecasted that $3.2 billion will be spent between 2013 and 2018 on the installation of North American carrier and cable-operator Wi-Fi hotspots. So does this mean small cells should be worried?...


The Challengers have been summoned, the race is on!

Nice to see that Gartner Research released their Magic Quadrant for Small Cell Equipment earlier this month, you could view this as the final step in the industry hitting the mainstream.  The report covers both Small Cells in licensed spectrum [3G & LTE] and Carrier Wi-Fi Equipment [stand-alone & integrated into femtocell and picocell equipment].


Hot news – ip.access agrees with a customer

ip.access is coming up to fifteen years old , and like any difficult teenager is prone to throw a strop or two.  One of my favourite rants is on the doubletalk that goes on around interoperability.  People who ought to know better will profess interoperability from one side of their mouths, while promoting private interfaces with the other.  Drives me mad.


Connected wherever life takes you

These days we are a ‘Here and Now’ generation. We want everything at our fingertips, and we want it NOW. The other day instead of ‘wasting’ precious time waiting for my favorite series to begin I turned to my phone.  Not only did I check both my personal and work emails, I updated Twitter, spoke to friends on Facebook, watched a clip from last nights X-Factor on YouTube and purchased a couple of items off Amazon to be delivered to the office the very next day.  I just love the 21st century, or rather I love technology. Being connected at work...


Next year’s big release?

A long time ago in an organisation far far away the Quality Manager would sit, like a sort of high priest, behind towering stacks of procedure manuals and preside over the Quality Manual (a quasi-holy book dedicated to the great works of the disciples of Order, Wisdom and Paper).