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The Challengers have been summoned, the race is on!

Nice to see that Gartner Research released their Magic Quadrant for Small Cell Equipment earlier this month, you could view this as the final step in the industry hitting the mainstream.  The report covers both Small Cells in licensed spectrum [3G & LTE] and Carrier Wi-Fi Equipment [stand-alone & integrated into femtocell and picocell equipment].


Role of the European Commission in adopting UHF spectrum

A couple of weeks ago my eye was caught by a GSMA headline about spectrum policy. Normally, I’m not too bothered about these. To us, spectrum is a bit like the weather. You have to deal with it, right? No point in building a business that only works on sunny days. No point in building a product that relies on infinite clean spectrum. But something about this one made me look twice. You mean the EC doesn’t have a long-term vision for UHF spectrum? The point of the story is that the GSMA is calling on the EC to accelerate...


Who knew ? Housing market now driven by your mobile signal

Isn’t it odd when something you can’t see let alone touch is shown to have enormous value. Perhaps electronic money in a bank account seems intangible, but you can at least convert it to real things with a process we all call “payment”. But compare this to spectrum, the electromagnetic property of the physical universe; it is certainly invisible, arguably intangible, but most definitely invaluable – but in an incredibly strange way.