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Striking the balance between CBRS ‘hawks’ and ‘doves’

As we draw closer to the end of 2017 momentum is really building behind CBRS (did we mention we’re fans?). The announcement this month that the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) and the CBRS Alliance will collaborate on addressing technical challenges and business opportunities in the CBRS band is fantastic news for the standard. It seems clear that we can expect the first real world deployments to start in 2018. However, there has been a cloud over CBRS for much of the year as questions have been raised over some of the fundamental details of the license structure of...


3.5GHz emerges as a global broadband solution. LTE-U without tears?

Happy New Year!  With the AWS-3 auction in the US reaching round 247 as I write,  and $44bn already committed, new spectrum is still in the headlines in 2015.  The NTIA continues in its mission to release US Federal spectrum holdings , reading a bit like the UK regulator Ofcom in a recent blog about UK spectrum.  Yes, we’re looking to free up some spectrum.  No we haven’t done it yet, but we promise we will real soon.  The new bit, I think, is this “spectrum sharing” angle, which ironically too has a retro feel – harking back to the...


Ofcom to release more spectrum, so we should be happy, right?

Recently on the Telegraph online, I saw an article on the next round of spectrum licensing in the UK. The UK Government has committed to release 500MHz of public sector spectrum by 2020, and this move is part of that. There are two bands being released – 40MHz at 2.35 – 2.39GHz, which I think has to be part of TDD Band 40, and 150MHz above 3.41GHz which could be part of TDD band 40, or conceivably part of FDD band 22. Ip.access sells licensed radio kit, right? More licensed spectrum equals more sales of radios to use it, right?...


Hot news – ip.access agrees with a customer

ip.access is coming up to fifteen years old , and like any difficult teenager is prone to throw a strop or two.  One of my favourite rants is on the doubletalk that goes on around interoperability.  People who ought to know better will profess interoperability from one side of their mouths, while promoting private interfaces with the other.  Drives me mad.