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Webinar Q&A: New Small Cell Business Models Driven By Location Authentication

We recently hosted a webinar with our friends at Maravedis Rethink Research, talking through our presenceCell initiative and the market data behind it. One thing that was striking however is that of all the questions that flooded in, which was a great sign of a nicely engaged audience, the majority of the submitted questions could all be grouped into just a few common themes – interference, security/privacy, and why we needed a special cell for this service. With that in mind – here’s a blog on our thoughts for those FAQs. View the slides from the webinar here

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Small cell + SIM: a strong weapon for MNOs in the enterprise

By Caroline Gabriel, Research Director, Maravedis-Rethink. One theme recurs constantly when our analysts carry out their regular surveys of the mobile operator community – those operators urgently want to enhance their position in enterprise and vertical markets. Many of the new revenue opportunities which will justify investments in LTE are not in the consumer space, where most customers will just want more data for fewer dollars, but among businesses, which will invest in wireless technologies to support strategies from mobile-first to IoT (internet of things). When these moves are business critical, there will be significant money to be made by...

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Just Carry on Plugging Away… Building Confidence under the Seine

A week or so ago, I enjoyed a couple of subterranean days under the banks of the Seine at a Small Cell Forum Plugfest along with other of my ip.access colleagues, representatives from 26 other companies as well as some great people from Orange and the ETSI Plugtest™ team. Why? – In the end it’s all about confidence…

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Small Cells in a Big Venue.

Last year, the Small Cell World Summit crammed into the Hilton Metropole in central London, and you could hear the place creaking at the seams.  “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”, said Carole, and moved us all this year to the banks of the Albert Dock, far away in the Mysterious East of London.  Alongside the big boat, there’s an even bigger conference venue – the ExCel – big enough to host three parallel small cell conferences and an ad-hoc session of the Small Cell Forum. It was the occasion for the launch of our Presence Cell – a new...