Monthly Archive: September 2014


Role of the European Commission in adopting UHF spectrum

A couple of weeks ago my eye was caught by a GSMA headline about spectrum policy. Normally, I’m not too bothered about these. To us, spectrum is a bit like the weather. You have to deal with it, right? No point in building a business that only works on sunny days. No point in building a product that relies on infinite clean spectrum. But something about this one made me look twice. You mean the EC doesn’t have a long-term vision for UHF spectrum? The point of the story is that the GSMA is calling on the EC to accelerate...


Connected wherever life takes you

These days we are a ‘Here and Now’ generation. We want everything at our fingertips, and we want it NOW. The other day instead of ‘wasting’ precious time waiting for my favorite series to begin I turned to my phone.  Not only did I check both my personal and work emails, I updated Twitter, spoke to friends on Facebook, watched a clip from last nights X-Factor on YouTube and purchased a couple of items off Amazon to be delivered to the office the very next day.  I just love the 21st century, or rather I love technology. Being connected at work...