Monthly Archive: November 2014


Ofcom to release more spectrum, so we should be happy, right?

Recently on the Telegraph online, I saw an article on the next round of spectrum licensing in the UK. The UK Government has committed to release 500MHz of public sector spectrum by 2020, and this move is part of that. There are two bands being released – 40MHz at 2.35 – 2.39GHz, which I think has to be part of TDD Band 40, and 150MHz above 3.41GHz which could be part of TDD band 40, or conceivably part of FDD band 22. Ip.access sells licensed radio kit, right? More licensed spectrum equals more sales of radios to use it, right?...


Aggressive marketing or capacity crunch?

The topic of coverage and capacity was again in the news this week, there is no doubt that service providers are being challenged to deliver on overall network performance as LTE user numbers rise. See the report here: The interesting point raised here is the need to check which mobile operator best serves the region you live and work in; before you hit the retail stores or signing up with a service provider. This all reminds me of a conversation I had a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to explain that having an LTE phone doesn’t guarantee...


Don’t be afraid of the dark

Why operators should keep an open mind on LTE-U. When we were young, our parents would tell us, not to be afraid of the dark; usually because they wanted us to go to sleep. As we got older, we realized that sometimes there’s good reason to be, if not afraid, then at least wary of the dark and to stay alert. In fact, not just the dark, but also the unknown, which we frequently treat with suspicion – sometimes quite correctly.