Monthly Archive: April 2015


Does poor mobile coverage at work really have to be a given?

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes…and unreliable mobile phone reception at work.” The great ‘founding father’ Benjamin Franklin knew the certainty of the future, but maybe now we should add the bit he missed. Why? Well what would he have thought 250 years ago if the candle he needed to work by wouldn’t light? Consistent mobile connectivity is a puzzling problem that we face. When you consider the extremes man has gone to develop amazing technology that can read your mind, create cameras to film the movement of light, and smart glasses...


ip.access to provide mobile coverage on the Moon by 2019

Innovative technology has been implemented in the International Space Station for testing to begin. In less than four years’ time, man will be able to make and receive personal phone calls between the Moon and Earth. Announced today, ip.access has developed small cell technology that will allow space travellers to communicate to Earth simply by using their mobile phones. In a new project that appeals to both commercial companies and space organisations that are actively looking at space tourism as the next frontier for the leisure industry, the solution is set to be fully operational for the 50th anniversary of...