Monthly Archive: May 2015


ip.access have been shortlisted for three Small Cell Forum Industry Awards

The Small Cell Forum Awards have become an extension of our partners’ outreach programme. This is because we specifically choose to submit those unique and successful commercial partner deployments which have been made possible thanks to the synergies we achieved with our partners in the deployment of small cells globally. Under category 4: Excellence in commercial deployment (RURAL & REMOTE) we have 2 successful submissions, both equally unique and successful in their own right. Small cells on the move A joint award submission with our esteemed partner, iDirect ip.access and iDirect have combined their respective small cells and satellite backhaul...


Multi-Operator Small Cells: the Network of Today for the Customer of Tomorrow

Multi-Operator Small Cells are still a rarity.  Yet building owners are crying in the wilderness for cellular in their buildings.  Complaints from owners of buildings regarding the quality of their coverage are met with mystification and inertia by the mobile operators.  We don’t see customer complaints, say the mobile operators.  No, say the building owners, because they complain to us.  Ah, so it’s your problem, says the mobile operator to the building owner.  And the conversation spirals downhill from there. Why is Wi-Fi so successful indoors, yet licensed radio small cells indoors still seen as exotic?  As with most technology...


Evaluating Google’s new virtual mobile network strategy

Google’s launch of its virtual mobile network, Project Fi, isn’t necessarily a traditional mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) scenario; where a consumer brand looks to add mobile services to its portfolio, like Virgin Mobile does on EE’s UK infrastructure. Instead, Google has moved to a position where it can convert traditional mobile operators into utility pipe providers and replace them in the eye of the customer. Clearly a long-term plan for Google, this announcement hints at a huge number of implications for operators. Although initially offered only to Nexus 6 handset owners in the US, Google will no doubt be...