RCR Wireless webinar: Scalability, ROI and the business case for small cells


I was recently given the opportunity to take part in a webinar hosted by RCR Wireless to discuss the future of small cells. The industry finds itself at an interesting juncture and it was great to be joined by Iain Gillott, President of iGR, and Dave Mayo, SVP Technology at T-Mobile US, to debate the current commercial status of small cell technology.
Here at ip.access we are firmly of the belief that the telecoms industry needs to embrace innovative new business models if we are to realise the full benefit of small cell technology in current and future networks. At the heart of this challenge is a need for shared infrastructure, multi-operator solutions and creating more opportunities for third party service partners to offer managed ’as a service’ solutions or for end users to deploy their own coverage.
We want to take the pain of deployment away from MNOs and eliminate the capex cost burden on end users. These are the drivers behind our Viper solution, which is targeted at network operators, MVNOs, service providers and system integrators looking for a simple small cell solution which can be quickly deployed with minimal technical resources.
While our Viper platform is primarily focused on enterprise and indoor coverage, it was interesting over the course of the webinar to hear a great deal of agreement between the presenters over the need for these new business models and deployment solutions across a range of potential applications – whether that is residential, rural or metro. It was an extremely encouraging and insightful discussion, so to listen to the full webinar got to RCR Wireless’ YouTube channel here.

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