Enhancing indoor coverage: The spectrum sharing opportunity


Over recent years, mobile operators have faced falling or flat lining revenues, while the demand for enhanced indoor cellular coverage and data capacity has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate. Operators’ struggles to deal with these twin challenges are directly impacting businesses. A Nemertes survey revealed that a staggering 94% of businesses globally agree that the quality of cellular coverage affects their business in some way. However, what’s even more concerning is that the same survey found that 45% of those businesses are seriously frustrated with their mobile voice quality.

These frustrations mean that business owners are increasingly prepared to take matters into their own hands and invest in the necessary infrastructure themselves to improve cellular coverage within their organisations. However, while businesses may be willing to pay for their own infrastructure, for this model to work any solution must serve everyone within the organisation, not just those on a certain network. This disruptive change in customer behaviour and the demand for multi-operator solutions is a major jolt for the mobile industry and will no doubt be a key focus at Small Cells Americas next week.

ip.access is firmly of the opinion that the key to squaring this circle lies in shared infrastructure and spectrum and completely overhauling the deployment model for small cells. Our Viper platform offers an integrated, multi-operator solution that simplifies small cell deployments to the extent that businesses can deploy their own coverage, addressing a key customer need.

At the same time, Viper also significantly reduces the capital and operational expenses for operators by allowing them to share both spectrum and infrastructure without losing control of the capacity that they can offer their customers. This opens up a host of new commercial opportunities for operators, easing the pain of deployment and offering a cost-effective way to capitalise on the value of licensed spectrum assets.

Consumer demand for reliable indoor coverage is only going to increase and with severe business implications at stake, this trend can no longer be ignored.

To find out more about addressing these changing market dynamics, come and join us on 31st October at Small Cells Americas for an interactive workshop with our partners, Expeto and Pavlov Media, where we will uncover the true cost and opportunities behind the deployment of Neutral Host Small Cells.

For more about the ip.access workshop at Small Cells World Summit Americas click HERE

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