Placing the spotlight on neutral host and spectrum sharing @ Mobile World Congress 2017

2017 is likely to be a crucial year for the mobile industry. Operators continue to face a number of challenges, from flatlining revenues and the end of roaming charges, to an unprecedented demand for data. Meanwhile the promise of 5G and new spectrum remains many years away. As such 2017 is the year that the industry finally embraces neutral host deployment models and spectrum sharing approaches.


Neutral host deployments are increasingly gaining traction as operators continue to seek new ways to extend their networks particularly for enterprise users. Meanwhile, shared access models such as Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and other shared access channels represent the biggest shake up in the telecoms industry since the transition to digital.

ip.access’ commitment to these two interlinked technologies is what led us to extend our S60 portfolio of multi-operator small cell solutions. At MWC we will be demonstrating three new radio access products that have been designed to increase our support of a range of neutral host and spectrum sharing deployment models:

  • The S61 supports TDD LTE taking advantage of the shared spectrum in 3.5 GHz CBRS band
  • The R60 is a ruggedised access point to support LTE operation for Rural & Remote neutral host deployments
  • The S62D allows neutral hosts to offer dual-mode 3G/4G or 4G/4G operation in TDD

The expanded S60 family significantly extends the technologies and standards support by our Viper platform, and unlocks a step change reduction in the costs of small cell deployments. It enables neutral hosts to address the lucrative ‘middleprise’ – the small and medium-sized commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, colleges and even small retail stores, who are all clamoring for improved mobile coverage and capacity.

For further proof of the business case for neutral host multi-operator deployments we are also launching (at MWC 2017) the findings of a new analysis conducted by Wireless 20/20. The report reveals just how significant the financial benefits of multi-operator small cell solutions are and the host of commercial opportunities they can unlock.

Click HERE to register for our Webinar on Multi-Operator Neutral Host Small Cells, hosted by ThinkSmallCells and based on a whitepaper by Wireless 20/20.

I’ll be discussing all of these topics at MWC 2017, especially as we reach the tipping point for broad acceptance of the shared RAN vision. The combination of undeniable market pressures and increasingly sophisticated vendor offerings make 2017 the watershed year for multi-operator neutral host small cells.

If you want to catch-up at mobile world congress or to arrange a product demo please email .

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