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Placing the spotlight on neutral host and spectrum sharing @ Mobile World Congress 2017

2017 is likely to be a crucial year for the mobile industry. Operators continue to face a number of challenges, from flatlining revenues and the end of roaming charges, to an unprecedented demand for data. Meanwhile the promise of 5G and new spectrum remains many years away. As such 2017 is the year that the industry finally embraces neutral host deployment models and spectrum sharing approaches. Neutral host deployments are increasingly gaining traction as operators continue to seek new ways to extend their networks particularly for enterprise users. Meanwhile, shared access models such as Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and...

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ip.access at the Leading Edge

We’re pleased to announce our involvement in the 5G-PPP affiliated Horizon 2020 Project SESAME.  Building on the fundamentals for virtualised, de-centralised RAN, multi-operator deployment and edge intelligence, the SESAME consortium has a great mix of players from around Europe. Led by the Greek operator OTE, our group includes large and small vendors, research institutes, universities and consultancies, to solve the technical and economic issues arising in next-generation mobile networks. As the project culminates in a practical demonstration, ip.access’ product line and market positioning will gain a massive boost, feeding into European industry and global consumer experience as 4G networks complete...

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Multi-Operator Small Cells: the Network of Today for the Customer of Tomorrow

Multi-Operator Small Cells are still a rarity.  Yet building owners are crying in the wilderness for cellular in their buildings.  Complaints from owners of buildings regarding the quality of their coverage are met with mystification and inertia by the mobile operators.  We don’t see customer complaints, say the mobile operators.  No, say the building owners, because they complain to us.  Ah, so it’s your problem, says the mobile operator to the building owner.  And the conversation spirals downhill from there. Why is Wi-Fi so successful indoors, yet licensed radio small cells indoors still seen as exotic?  As with most technology...