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Placing the spotlight on neutral host and spectrum sharing @ Mobile World Congress 2017

2017 is likely to be a crucial year for the mobile industry. Operators continue to face a number of challenges, from flatlining revenues and the end of roaming charges, to an unprecedented demand for data. Meanwhile the promise of 5G and new spectrum remains many years away. As such 2017 is the year that the industry finally embraces neutral host deployment models and spectrum sharing approaches. Neutral host deployments are increasingly gaining traction as operators continue to seek new ways to extend their networks particularly for enterprise users. Meanwhile, shared access models such as Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and...

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Evaluating Google’s new virtual mobile network strategy

Google’s launch of its virtual mobile network, Project Fi, isn’t necessarily a traditional mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) scenario; where a consumer brand looks to add mobile services to its portfolio, like Virgin Mobile does on EE’s UK infrastructure. Instead, Google has moved to a position where it can convert traditional mobile operators into utility pipe providers and replace them in the eye of the customer. Clearly a long-term plan for Google, this announcement hints at a huge number of implications for operators. Although initially offered only to Nexus 6 handset owners in the US, Google will no doubt be...

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Think data growth is slowing? Think again.

Cisco recently published its VNI forecast for this year.  In the face of the periodic “data crunch denial” stories, I’ve been tracking this for the last few years, looking for evidence that the data growth is over.  But guess what, it’s not.  The forecast continues to grow on roughly the same exponent as it has the last three years.  There was a correction between 2012 and 2013, but since then – steady as she grows. The world still needs small cells, even if not everyone realises it yet!

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LTE dreams of Spectrum, Wi-Fi dreams of Voice, while users dream of Good Service

Having seen explosive growth over the past five years, Wi-Fi has completely changed the way we communicate and consume data, and cemented itself firmly into our daily lives. Many users can’t wait to switch from mobile internet to Wi-Fi to save their precious monthly data allowance. What’s more, Wi-Fi is growing quickly in the carrier market, with spending rising at a fast pace. An IGR study released in October 2014, forecasted that $3.2 billion will be spent between 2013 and 2018 on the installation of North American carrier and cable-operator Wi-Fi hotspots. So does this mean small cells should be worried?...

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3.5GHz emerges as a global broadband solution. LTE-U without tears?

Happy New Year!  With the AWS-3 auction in the US reaching round 247 as I write,  and $44bn already committed, new spectrum is still in the headlines in 2015.  The NTIA continues in its mission to release US Federal spectrum holdings , reading a bit like the UK regulator Ofcom in a recent blog about UK spectrum.  Yes, we’re looking to free up some spectrum.  No we haven’t done it yet, but we promise we will real soon.  The new bit, I think, is this “spectrum sharing” angle, which ironically too has a retro feel – harking back to the...

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Don’t be afraid of the dark

Why operators should keep an open mind on LTE-U. When we were young, our parents would tell us, not to be afraid of the dark; usually because they wanted us to go to sleep. As we got older, we realized that sometimes there’s good reason to be, if not afraid, then at least wary of the dark and to stay alert. In fact, not just the dark, but also the unknown, which we frequently treat with suspicion – sometimes quite correctly.

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The Challengers have been summoned, the race is on!

Nice to see that Gartner Research released their Magic Quadrant for Small Cell Equipment earlier this month, you could view this as the final step in the industry hitting the mainstream.  The report covers both Small Cells in licensed spectrum [3G & LTE] and Carrier Wi-Fi Equipment [stand-alone & integrated into femtocell and picocell equipment].

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Webinar Q&A: New Small Cell Business Models Driven By Location Authentication

We recently hosted a webinar with our friends at Maravedis Rethink Research, talking through our presenceCell initiative and the market data behind it. One thing that was striking however is that of all the questions that flooded in, which was a great sign of a nicely engaged audience, the majority of the submitted questions could all be grouped into just a few common themes – interference, security/privacy, and why we needed a special cell for this service. With that in mind – here’s a blog on our thoughts for those FAQs. View the slides from the webinar here

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Small cell + SIM: a strong weapon for MNOs in the enterprise

By Caroline Gabriel, Research Director, Maravedis-Rethink. One theme recurs constantly when our analysts carry out their regular surveys of the mobile operator community – those operators urgently want to enhance their position in enterprise and vertical markets. Many of the new revenue opportunities which will justify investments in LTE are not in the consumer space, where most customers will just want more data for fewer dollars, but among businesses, which will invest in wireless technologies to support strategies from mobile-first to IoT (internet of things). When these moves are business critical, there will be significant money to be made by...